Robert Hitt Neill
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MS Karotales
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MS KAROTALES has been the title since 1999 for the monthly (approximately) Mississippi Kairos Prison Ministry Newsletter, written and published by award winning author Robert Hitt Neill.  For going on a dozen years, Kairos volunteers in and out of state have sent in their "Warm and Fuzzy" Ree-Ports of weekends in the prisons, reports from Kairos International sources, rib-tickling or heart-warming incidents as they occur inside or outside of prison, involving volunteers, residents (inmates), and families - Neill has used all material sent his way to paint the word pictures of the Blessings which God has bestowed upon this "God's Special Time" ministry.  There have been miracles, there have been heartbreaks, but what comes through has been the "Listen, listen, love, love" motto which these Karo Guys and Girls have taken into the prisons again and again.

This book is a 100% fund-raiser for the Kairos Prison Ministry.  It has been published by Robert Hitt Neill as a companion book to his own 2010 work, entitled THE HOLY GHOST HAS A FUNNY BONE.  Some chapters within FUNNY BONE have been at least partially reprinted within MS KAROTALES, for the sake of story continuity.  It is the author's hope and prayer that this book will introduce the Kairos Prison  Ministry to the reader in  such a joyous way that he or she cannot wait to go to prison themselves!

Here's the key, in Neill's own words: "If you want to go to prison, the best way is to go with your Uncle Bob, because not only can I get you INTO prison - but I can also get you OUT OF prison, when you want out!"

More information on the Kairos Prison Ministry International may be found within this book, or one can go to the website, or the Kairos International website