Robert Hitt Neill
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Outdoor Tables and Tales
$20 + tax (Mississippi only) + S&H

"If you like basic, down-home, back-country cookin' of wild game and fish, you're bound to enjoy this one. It's compiled by outdoor pressmen who spend most of their lives fishing, hunting and savoring their harvests. I'm salivating right now, just thinking about it!"
Homer Circle
Angling Editor,
Sports Afield

"In over half a century of outdoor pursuits, it is obvious that the enduring friendships and memories acquired over so many campfires have made life more worth living; the recipes, stories and poems herein serve to illustrate why people hunt and fish."
W. Horace Carter
Pultizer Prize Winner

"As an avid fisherman and hunter, I appreciate few things more than the flavor of a shore lunch or a well-prepared wild-game meal. This book is an absolute treasury for those who share my love of both the outdoors and good food."
Roland Martin
Championship fisherman and television show host