Robert Hitt Neill
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Web Design by Dale Mayer


  • Website Design for business or personal, church or ministry
  • Webstore Design for credit card, PayPal, etc.
  •  Kairos Team website management - 7 years as a Kairos volunteer has made me very aware of the difficulties of bringing a good team website on line and keeping it current.  I have put together a quick 'n easy template based product that is very informative yet easy to keep current and requires very little maintenance - let me take this headache from you
  • Many other web services - tell me what you want
  • Quick turnaround - your website online in just a few days
  • Very affordable - just ask for a quick quote
  • 10 years experience in web design
  • Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering (MSEE)

Please just give me a call or email and let's talk about possibilities for you.


 Some creative things we can easily do

  • music albums

  • video albums (see example below)

  • slide shows (see example below)

  • protected pages

  • etc.


"Songs of Deliverance" - a music video album


Slide Shows From Your Picture Galleries...